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A Mobilegoo Coffee Mug Warmer 24Watt Intelligent Temperature Control 131°F/55°C Coffee Cup Warmer Setting with Wireless Charger (Used To Keep Consistent coffee Temperature)

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Name: 55°C / 131°F wireless charger/Coffee Cup Warmer
Coffee cup weight: 280 grams
Coffee cup capacity: 430 ml
Coffee cup size: 84 mm (depth) 95 mm (height)
Warmer output power: 24w
Wireless output power: 10-15w

Product notice:
1. The smart coffee cup warmer set focuses on the heat preservation effect. Hot drinks have been kept at 55 degrees. It takes an hour to heat completely cold coffee or drinks directly.
2. The product is matched and needs to be heated by our special cups. Some coffee cups with sensor stickers on the bottom can be identified, but ordinary flat-bottomed cups cannot be identified.
3. The metal ring at the bottom of the warmer will be a bit hot when heated for a long time, but it will not burn your hands and is within acceptable temperature.

1. In order to avoid hot hurting your hand , dont put a metal spoon in the mugwhile the mug is heated ;
2. While the mug is filled with hot content , please keep it away fromchildren access;
3. Do not fill the mug too full with hot water to avoid burns caused by spillage ;
4. Do not use steel balls , bleach or other corrosive acid-base solventsto clean the bottom of mug;
5. Do nof put the mug in the microwave , dishwaher , refriger at or or freezer .

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  • Coffee Mug Warmer: Intelligent temperature control. The built-in high-tech temperature control chipset module allows you to maintain a constant temperature of coffee (131°F/55°C) throughout the day and enjoy warm coffee at any time in winter . Additionally, the wireless charging function can meet your mobile phone charging requirements at any time.
  • Coffee Mug Warmer with Wireless Charging Function:Wireless Charging Coffee Warmer Two in one function, Can charge mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets that support wireless charging.iwoxs ceramic coffee cup is lighter and more durable,with a capacity of 430ml.
  • Best gift choice: Powerful 24W coffee warmer for your desk, which warms coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc. It makes an excellent gift for your significant other, parents, friends or any relative. A perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or birthdays.
  • Multiple protections ensure safety: temperature protection, short circuit protection, electromagnetic field protection, overcharging protection, power surge protection, excessive current protection – creating a safe and secure product. (Note: The temperature of the metal ring within the base will not exceed 131°F/55°C, preventing accidental burns).
  • Smart coffee cup warmer: Automatic power switch.The iwoxs Coffee Cup Warmer uses micro induction to control the temperature, without the use of buttons.Simply insert the power adapter into the base and place the cup on top to begin the automatic heating.When finished,remove the cup from the base and automatic shutdown will begin.The base heating element automatically turns off power every four hours, eliminating any safety hazard.(Note: Only included iwoxs cups can be used with the base.)


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