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1. What are Refurbished Phones?

‘Refurbished phones’ generally refers to pre-owned phones restored in their original working condition. At mobilegoo.shop, all phones after going through various hardware and software quality checks, are tagged as refurbished phones. Phones may undergo minor repairs/ replacement by our product experts and ensure that they are 100% functional. Refurbished phones look like new with the slightest signs of previous use.

2. Is it safe to buy refurbished phones?

It is 100% safe to buy refurbished phones at Mobilegoo.shop The phones are restored to original setting and all previous data (if any) is wiped off. These phones comes with 6 months Mobilegoo warranty. Moreover, one gets 7 days free replacement from the date of delivery of product.

3. Whether refurbished phones are dust-free?

Yes, refurbished phones are clean as they went through systematic intense cleaning process. Mobile phone screen is polished, dust is removed to maximum extent possible even from narrow openings.

4. Why you should buy refurbished phones?

(i) One of the biggest advantage of buying a refurbished phone is making the environment better. When a smartphone is dumped having few dents/ scratches only, it has severe adverse impact on environment, as it contains Li-ion batteries, plastic parts, hazardous material etc. One can help save the environment by buying refurbished phone instead of new phone.

(ii) One can buy dream smartphone at huge discounts and save money. These phones comes with discounts upto 70% of original price.

(iii) These phones are 100% functional and look
like new with minimal scratches etc.

5. Is there any warranty on refurbished phone?

Yes, when you buy any refurbished phone at Mobilegoo.shop, it comes with 6 months Mobilegoo warranty.

6. How to claim warranty/ replacement for my product?

If you wish to claim warranty/ replacement for your product, please E-mail us at support@mobilegoo.shop with detailed issue. Always mention Invoice No. and IMEI in E-mail to claim warranty.

7. What is the difference between “Flawless” and “Good” Condition products?

“Flawless” products are almost alike new which may have upto 2-3 scratches. Product with “Good” condition have minimal signs of usage and may have upto 4-6 scratches. However, all refurbished phones are 100% functional.

8. What is battery health of Refurbished iPhones?

We ensure that battery health in case of refurbished iPhones is above 85%.

9. What payment options are available for buying a product at Mobilegoo.shop?

Various payment options are available including Debit Card/ Credit Card/ UPI/ Net Banking/ Pay Later/ Wallets etc. EMI option is also available.

10. Whether I can order product on Cash on Delivery?

Yes. Cash on Delivery (COD) is available for buying any product at checkout page. One can opt for COD by paying a token amount of Rs. 250/- only at checkout page adjustable from total price.

11. Why my payment is getting failed while placing order?

Payment may fail due to any of the following reason:

(i) Incorrect Credit/ Debit Card Details like Card Number, CVV, Date of Expiry etc.
(ii) Credit/ Debit Card is expired and no longer valid
(iii) Card is blocked for online transaction
(iv) UPI transaction may fail sometimes, due to bank server is unreachable.
(v) Slow internet or lost connectivity etc.
(vi) Refresh/ close the payment page while transaction is being processed for payment.
(vii) Payment gateway/ other technical reason (Please contact us at support@mobilegoo.shop and may get issue resolved as early as possible)

12. When will my order be delivered?

As all orders are shipped through our various courier partners, depending upon the delivery location and pincode, the same will be delivered as soon as possible.

13. How can I know by order status?

Order confirmation Email will be received once, the order is confirmed. Also, you will received Email/ SMS with Tracking ID once the order is dispatched. Further, you can check all this information, after Log In at www.mobilegoo.shop

14. I am unable to track the order even after its dispatch, Why?

Generally, courier service provider takes upto 24 hrs. to update the live status of the package. Please check again accordingly.

15. Whether I am required to make a video while unboxing the order?

Yes. While unboxing the package, please make a complete clear video of the parcel and send it to us at info@mobilegoo.shop Please ensure that package is not torn and intact. Please check, the seal of the box is intact and not VOID. If the seal is broken, do not accept it. Unboxing video shall cover, package condition, seal, the product along with accessories from different angels etc. Video may be helpful, while claiming replacement/ warranty etc.

16. Whether I can place bulk/ wholesale order?

Yes, in order to place bulk/ wholesale order, please write to us for any inquiry etc. at admin@mobilegoo.shop or fill form for Bulk Inquiry on www.mobilegoo.shop

17. What to do when phones are heating?

Major reason of phone heating is using the incompatible chargers. One must keep in mind, the prescribed wattage/ voltage of charger compatible with the phone you are using. Otherwise, it may result in overheating, reduced phone and battery performance.

Unbox Phone FAQ's

What are Unboxed/ Open Box Phones?

At times, people who are fond of using latest technology/ change phones frequently, may simply return/ sell their phones after opening new packaging but with no/ minimal usage. Such phones are categorized as“open box/ unboxed phones”.

You may feel relaxed while buying open box phones, as they are just like new and come with extra savings. Buy Unbox, Buy Smart !!!

As the seal of phone is opened, they cannot be categorized as “New Phone”. We have categorized such phones as “Unboxed Phones/ Open Box Phones”.

How unboxed/ open box phones are different from refurbished/ old phones:

Brand/ Manufacturer Warranty:

At Mobilegoo.shop, if you buy any unboxed/ open box phone, it will come with Brand/ Manufacturer warranty. Warranty period may vary from 0-12 months. However, in case of other old/ refurbished phones, there is no brand warranty. However, such phones come with Mobilegoo warranty.

Original Box:

Unboxed/ Open box phones comes in original brand box generally, however, other old/ refurbished phones, comes with Mobilegoo box.


Open box phones always comes in like new/ superb condition i.e. having 1-2 minor scratches but no dents. However, condition of other old/ refurbished phones may vary.

Original Parts Etc.

Open box phones come intact and have 100% original parts including battery, camera, display etc. Also, these phones are never repaired and never tampered. However, old/ refurbished smartphones may have undergone minor repairs/ replacement but are restored to their original working condition.

What is the Difference between new and unboxed phones ?

Technically, there is no difference. New phone is sealed box phone, however, unboxed phones are open box and have minimal signs of usage but looks like new and comes with brand warranty like new phones.