Warranty Policy
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  1. Duration: Six months limited warranty from the date of invoice. However, for accessories (including charger, earphones and battery), three months limited warranty will be provided from the date of Invoice.
  2. Original invoice and IMEI will be required to claim warranty service. Warranty will not be provided, if invoice/ proof of purchase is altered in anyway or is made illegible.
  3. In the event of repairs etc., this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. The time taken for repair and in transit whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.
  4. While carrying out repair etc., Mobilegoo may use parts or accessories that are new or refurbished or reconditioned.
  5. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (including, without limitation, wear and tear of camera lenses, batteries or displays).
  6. Warranty does not cover defects caused by the fact that the battery has been short-circuited or by the fact that the seals of the battery enclosure or the cells are broken or show evidence of tampering or by the fact that the battery has been used in equipment other than those for which it has been specified
  7. Warranty will void and not be provided in following conditions:
    • If original invoice is not provided or invoice/ proof of purchase is altered in anyway or is made illegible. If it is found that product is damaged because of using duplicate/ other than original charger.
    • If correct IMEI number is not provided or removed, defaced or altered or not matching with Mobilegoo Database.
    • If product is subject to unauthorised open, repair or modifications, waterlogging, misuse, improper use, food or liquids spilling, exposure to inadequate temperature, moisture, dust etc.
    • If defects due to causes beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of God or while in transit to service center or to the purchaser’s residence.
    • If product was used with, or connected to, a product, accessories, software and/or service not manufactured, supplied or authorized by Mobilegoo.
    • If product was used with, or connected with the incompatible charging accessories.
  8. Customer must register his/her complaint through our helpline number i.e +91 80072 00038 to avail warranty services and the images of the device must be shared wherever required.
  9. The company shall not be liable for delay in furnishing or failing to furnish service if such delay or failure is caused by an act of God, strike, governmental action, logistics delay, non availability of spare parts or any other cause beyond Mobilegoo control.
  10. The customer will be invoiced for any part and/or workmanship/labour charges that are not covered under the warranty
  11. All the rights are reserved with Mobilgoo and warranty policy etc. is subject to change without prior notice.
  12. Under no circumstances, the company is liable for loss directly or indirectly, arising out of, loss or damage to records, information or data. Customer is advised to take back up of data etc. before handing over the unit for repair. The company shall not provide backup service.

Maximum Liability

For refurbished mobile Handset – Reimbursement shall be applicable on invoice value of the refurbished Customer Gadget as per following scale. In case, if the company is not able to provide the handset after Repair or Replacement due to any reasons, following depreciated amount may be reimbursed.

Age of Device Reimbursement %
Upto 30 days 100%
31 days to 90 days 75%
91 days to 120 days 60%
121 days till warranty period 50%