What are Refurbished phones and is it safe to buy?
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What are Refurbished phones and is it safe to buy?

by Info Mobigoo on Dec 09, 2022

What are Refurbished phones and is it safe to buy? - Mobilegoo

There are always new updates and features added on our mobile phones. With constant change in technology and style, a new smartphone can come with a hefty price. Many people keep on changing their smartphones to get better features and look updated with the trend.

One option to keep your cost under your budget while buying a new handset is to buy a refurbished phone. The market of refurbished smartphones is growing quickly as buying these phones are cost effective and provide the same quality as the new phones.

But what is a Refurbished phone?

A Refurbished phone is not purely a damaged phone but a used phone which has been returned to the seller for some minor damage or if the phone is faulty or if the buyer does not want the phone. All these things actually represent that you are not the first owner but it had previous owners. After returning the phone to the buyers, the manufacturers test these devices and examine both internal and external faults and repairs if needed. 

What is the process of a Refurbished phone?

Before purchasing a Refurbished phone, people have doubts regarding the quality of the phone and have trust issues like whether it can be stolen or is fake. But all these phones have gone through quality determined grades when they are sold.

The process involved in refurbishing a phone include:

  • Clearing information off the phone and restoring it to the factory settings.
  • Repairing damaged parts like cracked screen and dents
  • Changing the battery or repairing it for best possible performance for longer period

Manufacturers often refurbish phones to a new condition and can be sold in the market for a lower price. It is important to know that Refurbished and used phones are different. Used phones are being sold with no repair and no care to make them like a new one whereas refurbished phones are being modified or repaired to make it look new.

Benefits of buying a Refurbished phone

  • Good phone at low price – The main benefit of buying a refurbished phone is that you get a good quality phone at a lower price. If a good center refurbishes the phone, you can get a good phone with great performance and battery life.
  • Many devices are good in condition – Just because the refurbished phone is refurbished does not mean that it is not in good working condition. Buying a  refurbished phone can be a good option to make.
  • Refurbished phones function as new one – A Refurbished phone functions as a new one when repaired by a good technician. It all depends upon who refurbished it and how well they resolved the technical glitch.

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    Mar 21, 2023 at 13:52

    I beleive that seconhand or used phone is an better option as compare to new phone.


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